10 Fun Ideas For Your Outdoor Micro Wedding

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, we've all had to find ways to live while staying safe. Some of those ways include the use of masks and social distancing. The wedding industry has not been left out of this adaptation. Couples, wedding planners, and other vendors have come up with many kinds of custom weddings. These weddings keep guests safe while they celebrate the union of their loved ones.

One of the adaptations mentioned above is the micro-wedding. More and more couples are opting for micro-weddings and are choosing to hold them outdoors too. This way, social distancing can happen effectively, and the virus is not spread.

Micro-weddings have, however, been around for a long time. So have outdoor weddings. There is something unique and remarkable about them that speaks to couples. The chance to be at one with nature in a picturesque environment while maintaining intimacy is often an attraction. Many other significant advantages come with having your wedding this way.

If you're considering having a micro-wedding in the outdoors, then this post is for you. Here are some great ideas from our experts to help you plan a successful micro wedding at an outdoor venue of your choice.

  • Pay Attention to The Weather

You can't have an outdoor wedding without discussing the weather. If the season is a little chilly when you have your wedding, there are many ways that you can make up for it. One of those ways is by altering your wedding fashion to reflect that. Make use of jackets, pashminas, and scarves.

You could also make blankets available for the use of the guests at your ceremony. Go a step further and give out the blankets as a wedding favor since you're having a micro-wedding. It would leave as huge a dent in your budget as it would if you were holding a big celebration. Do not forget to have a Plan B too. With outdoor weddings, a Plan B is always necessary as the weather can be very unpredictable.

  • Have Your Shelter In Place

As we've already mentioned, the weather is an essential factor when planning an outdoor wedding. One of the ways that couples solve this is by having some form of shelter in place. This way, they can have an outdoor wedding while being protected from the elements. You'll still have all that freedom and ventilation you can't get with an indoor venue.

An outdoor tent gives you a chance to do this. Marquee tents, in particular, can be very great at this, and you could even have heaters installed to make the weather better for your guests. Some outdoor wedding venues also offer tents as part of their packages. Don't forget to ask for any restrictions that might come with those.

  • Inform Your Guests

Your guests will undoubtedly do their best to come appropriately dressed for an outdoor wedding. Make sure that they are informed as soon as you've made your decision. If you have a wedding website, you could also share tips on the kind of day that you have planned.

Ensure that your invitations clearly state that you're having an outdoor wedding and that you expect chilly weather so they can come prepared. You can also include a link to your wedding venue or a map link if you're sending digital invites.

  • Curate Your Wedding Guestlist

An outdoor venue will afford you a lot of space, but you should still pay attention to your guest list. Remember that you're having a micro wedding for a reason, and social distancing must be enforced. Adhere to whatever restrictions are necessary for safety and pay attention to your budget too. A smaller number of wedding guests is always more comfortable and less expensive to manage. 

  • Serve Good Wedding Food

The kind of food that you have served at your micro-wedding is entirely up to you. Since the weather will be cold, how about including some warm drinks to energize your guests? Comfort food like cheese and chocolate are also great for weddings in a cold period.  Bringing in extras like a food truck to spice things up could also be fun.

  • Use Light Décor

With an outdoor wedding, you won't have to do as much décor as you would for an indoor venue. If you're having a micro-wedding outdoors, you could get away with almost little to no décor. There'll be fewer people to impress, and the ones you invite will be your day ones anyway.

If you are still interested in handling your décor, take as much advantage as you can of your natural surroundings. Use the trees and flowers in bloom to echo nature itself. Saying your vows under a simple flower arch, for example, can go a long way. Regular table decoration and tent décor can go a long way if they match your wedding theme.

  • Hire a Generator

Your outdoor wedding will need power, lighting, and a good sound system. If you're using a tent, this will be even more important. You'll need a large and reliable generator to handle those needs for the duration of your wedding. Ask your wedding venue if they have one for hire or know where you can get one. They'll most likely have a great referral that you can work with.

  • And Speaking of Lighting

Fairy lights are fantastic when used at outdoor weddings. They look great in pictures and are very attractive when strung up. You'll also need lights at amenities like the toilets and the car park, so remember to check that those are handled as well. For a mostly daytime wedding, your event's natural lighting is also essential, so pay attention to how it works.

  • Don't Forget Amenities

Amenities are of great importance at your outdoor micro-wedding. You shouldn't have to send Grandma Lily on a journey of a thousand miles just to take a pee! Depending on how your venue is, you may have to hire some mobile toilets. An excellent place to wash hands and lots of hand sanitizers are another necessity you should not overlook. Remember that social distancing should also be enforced with the use of amenities.

  • The Perfect Wedding Favor

There are so many options that you could choose from when it comes to your outdoor micro wedding favors. You could undoubtedly give favors of higher quality since you'll be having a small number of guests. You could also go with out-of-the-norm ideas like giving to charity. It would help a lot as there are many people in need due to this pandemic. If you still want guests to go home with a small token from you after that, edible favors have been proven to be a great hit with guests at weddings.