10 Things I Need for a Virtual Bridal Appointment

Virtual....everything right now.  But are you wondering HOW a bridal appointment will happen?  Here are my tips for success:

1.  Get ready to talk!  Just browsing isn't really a thing, so think of a few requests to start...even if it's just a white dress, or maybe a design you've seen online.

2. Have venue, timeline, and budget in mind. 

3. Try to keep the online experience to a small group or better yet, just you.  It is tough to hear and see everything as it is...at least for the first appointment.

4.  Do expect the designer or store to show you dresses on a mannequin.  It's not a replacement for you...but some things need to be shown on something besides a hanger.

5.  Do ask questions!  We want to tell you all the details but need to gauge your level of interest before launching into a beadwork history.

6.  Make sure you're a priority.  During a pandemic still ask for timelines and even more important, how cancellations/deposits work.

7.  You don't need to dress up....but feel free to bring that favorite dress or sleeve you love.  The more details included, the better the outcome.

8.  Don't forget your family members.  Lots of places will help you coordinate all elements of the wedding, and members of your wedding party so don't forget to ask if they need separate appointments.

9. Don't expect to find "The One" the first time online...it's a process.

10. As with any appointment, do show up on time and be respectful of the work a designer or store has put into preparing for you. 


Enjoy the process XOXOX