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Golf and Tennis Layers Outfitting Edition

I really love a nine and dine.  It's the extra socializing time for me that makes golf so much fun, and tennis calories burned = dessert.  While I pretty much end up dining after all rounds of golf, if there's a prize involved it's extra exciting.

One thing I get a lot of questions about...are we changing clothes and if so what are we wearing?  I really can't impress this enough.  No matter what, bring a layer.

It gets cold even on the hottest of nights because inevitably you acclimate to the weather on the course (hello sweaty) or you get the blood pumping if it's a tad chilly.  By the time you settle into your table...prepare for the cold.

While developing this activewear line I tried to really walk a line between fashion forward pieces and performance pieces for golf and tennis.   When it comes to jackets, we need all the types in Chicago...but my two GO-TO pieces for 9 & Dines come down to this.


We are developing this jacket here in Chicago...waiting list is available.  This is super stretchy and warm, you can definitely swing a club or racquet.

Women in Fitted Golf Jacket   women in fitted golf jacket   woman in fitted golf jacket


Everyone loves a bomber jacket and it fits great right over the top of the other layers.  Available in a ton of different patterns and easy fit unisex sizing.  This jacket comes from an ethical and resource minded factory in North America, you can order your perfect size and color or flower story right here.

Bomber jackets ship in 10-14 business days from order.

 pink floral apres golf and tennis bomber jacket, perfect fall layer unisex bomber jacket in floral printunisex bomber jacket in floral print

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