9 Elements of the Fairytale Wedding Story

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful and romantic wedding under the full moon with the stars twinkling down? A fairytale wedding is what you’ve been imagining, and it is one of the most beautiful weddings possible.The subtle differences between a fairytale and a traditional wedding are numerous. Some details like finding the right venue and the perfect wedding dress can be found at both weddings, but the experiences will be quite different.

After a year like 2020, with its harsh and strange reality, we’d advocate that you go for the wedding of your dreams. So many of your family guests will appreciate an evening of romance and the sparkle of fantasy.   For your fairy tale wedding, your choices will revolve around the magic and charms of your event. Are you about to start planning? Then we’ll be glad to help. Here are some lovely ideas that you can incorporate to make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

  • Make Use of String Light  outdoor wedding reception with fairy lights

Also known as fairy lights, these kinds of lights are always the perfect touch at a fairy tale wedding. The little bulbs glow in the best way introducing wonder and magic to your event. There are many ways that you can incorporate fairy lights into your wedding décor.  You can do so in an elaborate way by having it drop from your ceiling all-around your ceremony space. You can also choose to do so in a subtle manner by adding them to your ceremony arch or backdrop. In this beautiful ceremony featured, they are used in both ways.

Bride and Groom with celestial decor

  • You Could Include a Sweetheart Loungesweetheart lounge chair

 What’s a romantic fairytale wedding without a sweetheart table? With a lounge area instead of only table seating, everyone can relax and enjoy the ambiance. Yes, having your loved ones around you when you say your vows is essential, it is also vital that you actually enjoy your wedding with your partner. 

  • Include Some Woodland Inspired Details


When it comes to a romantic and fairytale wedding, woodland-inspired details perfect the look. What else could complement the enchanting, charming, and delightful atmosphere at your ceremony?  There are many ways that you can include woodland-inspired details in your wedding décor. From prominent places like your bar to small pieces like the lovely cake stand featured here, you can’t go wrong. You can also keep it simple with wooden name place cards and the likes.  

  • Cake That Is A Work Of ArtCelestial Fairy Tale Wedding Cake

It’s a fairytale wedding, so why not? If there’s one wedding theme that deserves an elaborate cake, this is it. The lovely cake featured here has the sparkle, fizz, and beauty to wow your guests. The stunning constellations and dark color play are mesmerizing. The décor certainly adds to the appeal.  

  • Candle Lit DinnerCandle lit dinner

 So, by now, you’ll be aware of how important lighting is to your fairytale wedding. Using candles and dim lighting to set the perfect mood at your ceremony would be lovely. First, make sure that your venue allows candles.  Where they don’t, you can use any of the non-flame options that you can find readily available these days. Remember also to let your photographer know so that they can come prepared for low light.

  • Ethereal Wedding DressGroom with Bride in a tulle and sparkling wedding dress

 One trend we’ve noticed about brides with fairytale weddings is that the wedding dresses are gorgeous. For example, this beautiful number featured here has just the extra fabric required to add a touch of beauty. Go for something long and graceful. An equally long and whimsical veil would complement it too. 

  • Live Music 

Live ceremony music can evoke emotions in a way that recorded songs cannot. You can be sure that they’ll be tears shed at your wedding but in a good way. If you want a passionate, emotional, and truly magical fairytale wedding, live music is what you should go for. You can have them start to perform right before the ceremony to set the mood and prepare your guests for a beautiful time.

  • Go with A Dark Suit
  • Bride walking down the aisle on wedding day

Whatever your choices, there are many fantastic options for your wedding suit that will have you dripping in romance. A classic black and white suit, for example, can be very charming. You can also go for colors like navy blue, which is also dark.

When it comes to your fairy tale wedding, details are what will make it unique and beautiful. Please do your best to ensure that you plan properly and incorporate all the right ideas. You could check out this lovely Midnight Blue and Purple Boho Celestial Wedding Inspiration for more inspiration for your theme. Best of luck!!!