Challenge Accepted: Get Ready To Make A Racquet

Getting ready, what's coming in for tennis!

We have some exciting things here now, and more on the way!!!  For 2023 we used the graphic poppy print in two different colorways, both work back to our best-selling racquet sportswear skirt. 



Wondering about the fit?  Here's a little video we made that talks about how great this skirt feels and stretches...we still have a few sizes available, and more on the way...including black!!!! 


Now, to refresh more than the wardrobe!


Outdoor women's tennis leagues are playing everywhere ...here is tennis pro Darrell Robbins quick start tips:

1. GRIP - the continental grip is the most important in tennis. You should feel like you would holding a hammer.

If you have a friend you can practice this grip standing close across the net (about 10 ft away from the net on each side) and pass the ball lightly back and forth with your friend across the net, with the strings of the racquet pointing just slightly upward. If you are really good, you can try bumping the ball on your racquet strings once or even twice before passing to your friend! If you are alone you can do this on a wall or practice bouncing the ball in this grip on your strings. If you are really good you can try bouncing the ball on the edge of your racquet.

2. GROUNDSTROKES (forehand and backhand) - practice swings are a great way to improve. In the mirror is even better!

Try practicing forehands and backhands in the mirror for a few minutes a day. Try taking racquet back high, then drop the racquet low, then follow thru swinging from low to high again.  A High-low-high swing.

3. ADD FOOTWORK - if you have a friend try rallying with just half the court from either the service line or the baseline.

High low high swings and try to contact the ball at waist level as much as you can. Work on bouncing on your toes in between shots to help your footwork!

4.  SERVE - serving is very important in competitive play. Work on having your continental grip again.

Next find a fence (most tennis courts have them).
Start with your racquet above your head with your strings above your head palm with the racquet (very important) facing downward (making a halo over your head with the racquet)
Then, practice tossing the ball from your non-dominant hand and then reaching up from the halo position to trap the ball as high up on the fence as you can. If you get good at this you can try serving on the real court ! You should serve from behind the baseline and aim for the service box.

READY FOR A BONUS CHALLENGE??!! Try the tweener!

Spoon not required.... 


  • Grab a friend, both accounts like @elliedaygolf
  • Post your tweener video and tag @elliedaygolf
  • Every entry (successful or not) will receive a gift card for Spring 2023


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