The Story of 2023 Women's Activewear Poppy Collection

2023 Women's Activewear Poppy 

Varsity Poppy. Teaser Spring 2023 Poppy Collection Coming Soon

Ellie Day Activewear offers designer prints ....new collection teaser... a shop online coming soon!!! https://www.ellieday.com Women's Activewear collection including: Leggings, activewear tanks, golf dresses, tennis skirts,layering hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets. Designed in Chicago, IL.

For our 2023 women's activewear collection we looked to the spring meadows and flower fields to draw inspiration. The pretty poppies with their delicate ruffles and strong seed pods...were just full of potential. 

I find effusive joy at the sight of such mass displays of these poppies, and the strength they have to push back the harshness of winter.  Red poppy fields, have long been used in remembrance of fallen soldiers, but the white poppies are there to remind us to pray for peace.  There's left little wonder why we used this bloom as our natural beginning of 2023. 🕊 varisty.poppy.spring2023.activewear.moodboard.inspiration.images

The Poppy Varsity collection of 2023 women's activewear was created to bring effusive joy to you.  

To start, we created an unlikely color palette in contrasting brights and muted hues.  Then we updated an ever present "floral trend" by changing the scale.  The new new prints immediately updated our favorites with a feeling of freshness that embodied longevity.   

We look forward to introducing you to Poppy Varsity and leave you with a little 👀Hope to see you back February 1st 2023.


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