Golf Skorts and Tennis Skirts Length and Style Shopping Guide

Let’s Talk about Skirts, Baby!

“Two inches above the knee”
“Fingertip Length”
When it comes to golf skirts, one size doesn’t fit all- not even close. And as courses adopt less restrictive attire requirements, choices can reflect your style more than ever.
You may already have a favorite golf skort…but I suspect you’re on the constant
lookout for flattering silhouettes that complement YOUR body, and work with your height.  


Let’s break it down.

Short folk: This is me. I’m 5’3” and face a constant battle finding golf skirts that
don’t make me look like I’m playing dress up. After years of on-the-ground
research I’ve found that we shorties actually have an advantage- we can wear golf
AND tennis skirts on the course.

Do: Find a skirt that covers your rear. Practice bending over in the mirror
pretending to grab a ball out of the cup, or teeing up in front of the clubhouse. Is
your booty covered? You’re good to go.

Don’t: Assume all golf skirts are created equal. There’s tennis length and then there’s dramatically short tennis skirt length. For the golf course I recommend sticking to mid-thigh or longer which will allow you to flow through bunkers and greens alike with ease.  

Standard height peeps: You’ve got soooo many options. So many that it can be
overwhelming.  And while golf skirts and tennis skirts seem to be everywhere lately, there's still a few things to think about length wise.

Do: Have fun with mix and match. Think sleeveless golf polo and tennis skirt in a
fun print. I like to find a color palette each season so that pairing is easy between

Don’t: Confine yourself to the golf section of the sports store. Athleisure skorts
from several sports are your friend so flaunt the fact that you have options!  If they've got pockets, chances are your skirt option will work great on the course.

Tall ladies: I’ve got good news- designer skirts and skorts come in all different
lengths now. You can still enjoy the flexibility of switching back and forth
between sports without worrying that you’re going to flash your shorties all over
the course.

Do: Experiment with standard vs. traditional lengths. New data suggests that the
most commonly worn golf skirts are 4” above the knee. Maybe that’s your
comfort level or maybe you prefer longer. Find your zone and buy a few in
different patterns to mix and match.

Don’t: Think that tennis skorts aren’t an option for you. Find out whether your favorite designer offers different lengths to suit- you may be surprised!

-By Lauren Pero

About the author: @LaurenPeroGolfs is a longtime friend, golf buddy, and fabulous writer.  We are thrilled to feature her on today's blog.  I did add these graphics into her story and I hope she doesn't mind ✨




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