Meet Our Friend From Bike Pretty

Meet Our Friend From Bike Pretty

Meet Melissa Davies: Bike Helmet Designer Extraordinaire

Melissa Davies, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, runs an online store specializing in stylish bike helmets. Her adorable shop embodies her philosophy of finding joy and celebration every day, even if it means wearing something a little fancy for a casual neighborhood bike ride.

Q: What inspired Bike Pretty?

A: Well, I started Bike Pretty because, for my entire fashion career, I've been commuting to work on my bike. I never stopped dressing up in cute outfits and high heels! I used to post my bike-commute outfits on my blog and social media, and guess what the most common question was? "Where can I find a stylish bike helmet?" I realized there was a gap in the market, so I decided to take action. At first, I imported a small batch of hat-style helmets from Europe and launched my online store. They flew off the shelves faster than I expected, so I kept adding new styles. These days, my pride and joy is the Straw Hat Bike Helmet

Q: What's the best part of running Bike Pretty?

A: Oh, hands down, the absolute best part is hearing those heartwarming stories from people who were inspired to hop back on a bike because they stumbled upon my brand. What really lights me up is the deep connection I make with folks who wanted to give biking a try but didn't feel like they belonged in the super sporty, hardcore cycling scene. It's truly touching when I find out how one of my designs has transformed someone's life, helping them conquer their fear of not being "athletic enough" and showing them they're stronger and more capable than they ever thought. These moments bring tears to my eyes and remind me why I'm so darn passionate about what I do.



Q: What is your favorite helmet style?

A: Oh, that's an easy one! My personal top pick has to be the classic Straw Hat Bike Helmet My mom was my very first model, and her lovely face is all over my website. She and I have always shared a love for bike rides, and our favorite way to bond is by going on a family bike ride and enjoying a picnic in the park, complete with champagne, of course! The Straw Hat Bike Helmet has this magical ability to turn an ordinary outing into a full-blown celebration, capturing the essence of my belief that just being alive is reason enough to celebrate. 

Want to see more? Dive into Bike Pretty's collection of interchangeable hat-style helmet covers. With just one base helmet, you can snag multiple covers to match your helmet with your outfit.

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