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Snow Golf for the Golf Fanatic Stuck in the Covid 2021 Winter

Did your winter travel plans get cancelled? 

Mine did..the song Bored In The House doesn't quite cover it.  Add some extra flavor of one kid in isolation for possible exposure right now and I'm up for anything.

Big Idea-Snow Golf 

Snow golf is similar to the regular golf, the only difference is of the course as the course is called whites covered with a maintained snow surface. It is played like golf and scoring is also done in the same manner, each player completing 9- or 18-hole course with each hole having a par value. Equipment used (golf balls and clubs) are also same, the only difference is of the color of the ball as to make the ball visible on ice, colored ball is used.

You don’t always need a shining sun or green grass to play golf anyways, the claim is this game can be equally enthralling on white snowy surface.

Playing golf is always so much fun but in snow golf the challenge doubles and for a newish player, it cannot get better than this to practice on snowy surface. While professionals opt to stay in and enjoy the warmth of their cozy comforters, it is an excellent time for amateur nuts to improve their strokes in challenging weather conditions. 

I mean...if you can ace snow golf, the regular course will be a walk in the park!

Before heading for the whites, a golfer must be well protected against the cold weather.  There is some golf apparel catering to this:

  • Sculpted nylon golf gloves keep hands warm and provides excellent grip which aids in delivering best shots.
  • Thermal socks cushions heels and toes while thermal management fiber technology keeps feet cozy.
  • Breathable layers, those made with some natural fibers, are great against  your body.    
  • Waterproof Jacket and pants that also work against extreme cold so one must not forget this important part...if you live in Chicago you already have them.
  • Footwear...super personal here, but think waterproof.
  • Colored Golf Balls.  Want to dye your own? We have a video coming just for you...hit up our channel here.
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