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Golf games women love to play

Looking for a way to up the fun factor?  Sometimes we just need a little inspiration and planning time...since it's finally March I've started to think about some fun things to do this coming golf season.   There are lots of great games...but here's a little cheat sheet for the newbies out there, to the gambling veterans out there please add in some ideas in the comments!

1) Closest to the Pin
Let's start out with a classic for events...this is often played in our 9 and 18-hole league but it's also a great ice breaker for a new foursome.  Closest to the Pin is played by two or more players. You will need a golf ball, some markers (poker chips work well), and a course with pins.
Simply put as the name says, to play, everyone takes a turn trying to hit the golf ball as close to the pin as possible. After everyone has had a turn, the player who got closest to the pin wins. If there is a tie, the player who got closest on their second try wins.  This is easily adaptable for the fairway or putting on the green. 
Also a fantastic way to kill time if you find yourself at a standstill on a busy Saturday.

Up the ante with $1 a hole and find out just how competitive your girlfriends can be on the golf course.

2) Skins
Every hole is assigned dollar💰 amounts by the players.  The play format is match play, in plain speak handicaps are used to award extra strokes.  The player with the lowest score on the hole wins. 
If two golfers tie on a hole there is "no blood" and the pot rolls over to the next hole. Jackpots can quickly build up, making the later holes in the round much more entertaining regardless of how the overall round is going!
It is playable with two, three, or four players.

3) Bingo, Bango, Bongo
A great, super easy game to bet on, this rewards both accuracy and fast play.  No perfectionism here...even if you are on a golf course.
The very first player to put her ball onto the green receives a point (Bongo! ), as does the player whose ball is nearest to the hole when all shots are on the green (Bango! ), and the first player to go out (Bongo!).
Whoever has the most points at the end of the round wins the jackpot!

4) Casino Poker Chip Game Pieces Game
This game is a little more to manage, but a ton of fun!  You'll need a deck of cards, and a set of poker chips, they are crazy cute, and start with $5 from each player.womens.golf.course.poker.game.grave.digger.chip
To play, shuffle the deck and deal five cards to each player.
Decide how players will win additional cards such as a one-putt, chip-in, sandie, birdie etc. You can also institute a fine of $1 for every three putt. Bring the chips and award as able during the round (my grave digger chip here was because I missed getting out of the sand) and keep track of fines and card awards on the scorecard.  
The player with the highest card begins the game. The round goes as it does..there will be highs and lows, and possibly some amazing putting (from other people, not me).  At the end of the round head into the club house and settle up over a drink.  The chips will result in fines paid into the pot.  The winner of the game is now the person with the best poker hand left!

HAVE FUN!!!! Don't forget why you're out there

These are just a few of the many fun golf games women can play on the course. So grab your clubs and get out on the green for some fun and excitement!  Who else is playing some fun games?!  Please share them with us in the comments and we will write about it in our next post. Till then goodbye and keep swinging.

XOXO Ellie 


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