Stockup Guide for Women's Golf & Tennis: Health, Recovery, and Spring 2024 Shoe Essentials!


Welcome back to Ellie Day LIVE where we're diving deep into the world of women's sports, focusing on golf, tennis, and everything in between.

In this video, we're not only discussing the latest trends in women's golf and tennis, but we're also shedding light on an essential aspect of women's health, workout recovery, and the must-have shoes for updating your wardrobe for Spring 2024. SHOP HERE

As we step onto the green and the court, it's crucial to prioritize our health. That's why we're thrilled to have Dr. Bri Kellogg, a renowned Ph.D. in nutrition, joining us to share expert insights on optimizing our nutrition for peak performance. From the importance of protein for muscle recovery to staying hydrated for endurance, Dr. Kellogg breaks down the key elements of a winning nutrition specifically for women athletes.


And of course, let's talk fashion! Spring 2024 brings a fresh wave of wardrobe updates, and we've got you covered with our top shoe picks that marry style with functionality. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to shoes designed for both coverage and comfort, especially crucial after hours on the green or court. Whether you're looking for supportive sneakers or stylish yet practical golf shoes, we've curated a selection that will elevate your game while keeping your feet happy. SHOP GOLF

Join us as we combine the best of sports, health, and style in this comprehensive guide tailored for women who love golf, tennis, and staying at the top of their game. Don't forget to hit subscribe and turn on notifications for more tips, tricks, and expert insights to fuel your athletic journey!


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