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HNY! Introductions, who exactly will we be in 2021?

Ellie Day Atelier, a new blog and website design coming for 2021.  Ellie Day Bridal features irreverent and nostalgic bridal gowns.  Launching Spring 2021, Ellie Day activewear including cute women's golf apparel....the blog will focus on the design, making women's clothing in the USA and modern life.

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Elopement Wedding Planning...What's really involved?

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a couple that, despite the pandemic's efforts to thwart their plans, blissfully married on the beaches of Hawaii.  In my mind it was blissful and almost like an ultimate pandemic escape, truth is there was real planning and effort required.  Instead of opting for a micro-wedding, consider the popular elopement destination wedding plan 

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10 Fun Ideas For Your Outdoor Micro Wedding

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, we've all had to find ways to live while staying safe. Some of those ways include the use of masks and social distancing. The wedding industry has not been left out of this adaptation. Couples, wedding planners, and other vendors have come up with many kinds of custom weddings. These weddings keep guests safe while they celebrate the union of their loved ones.

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