The Easiest Way to Get a Flawless Wedding Gown Fit

If only shopping for jeans could be as easy as wedding dresses! 

Because it’s all about the fit, Ellie Day wedding gowns are made to measure.

"Measure twice, cut once" husband often repeats this as I eyeball wall space to hang art.  When a client orders a gown (or jumpsuit) before any fabric is cut...I measure twice. 

We do not measure just the bust, waist and hip.  Made to measure shaping goes above and beyond to make sure the torso length, the shoulder width, the exact plunge for your neckline is exactly what you want.  The extensive measurements take an entire fitting hour.  Hem lengths are made correctly from the first go around.  All those details that make your look flawless, are the focus from day one.

We save brides from the pain of finding a perfect style, and then often having to find a separate person (that’s right that lovely lady with the clamps is done) to step in a rework the entire dress to fit.  

Alterations waste time and money...not exactly the thing you want to add to your wedding budget if you don’t have to.  There are other designers who offer made to measure, but it’s often an additional cost. 

We like to cut down the waste, save everyone’s time, and still wow with that flawless fit.  Click to start with a virtual consult.

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