Top 5 Ways to Get Ready for Women's Golf Opening Day




 I recently did a little googling about how to get ready for the 2023 women's golf season.  I found most of the articles mention my index and breaking 70 (9 holes right?) here were my take-away tips:

1. Do you need new shoes? I hope that got a laugh as the #1...but seriously, if you are purchasing new golf shoes you'll need to strike early and quickly to get the size/color/style combo you're after. 

My personal favorites from last year were Royal Albartross


2. Call your bestie.   After-all, your new shoes arrived and it's time to break them in! Kids schedules don't just magically disappear, you're going to need a swot plan for your game and time blocked on the calendar together...I suggest once a week.  Then, if you miss a couple you're still on target for a blister free opening day.

3. Setup a group night out.  I would put this in any to-do list because it's always fun to get either all the girlz or a bunch of couples together and hit TopGolf or your favorite local indoor facility.

4. Warm Up Your Putting Stroke. Every day, spend just 10 minutes practicing your putting stroke without a golf ball. Only your putter is needed and you’ll set up in your living room just swinging it back and forth making a putting stroke motion.  Add in a few books to create a straight path to keep the putter on. This will help you hit putts straight and work on keeping the face square at I have been told ;)

5.  Cleaning...Scrubbing...Refresh.  That golf locker, irons, and closet. Don't worry I'll email you ways to fill it back up soon.  Done and ✅

ATTENTION ELLIE DAY SHOPPERS:  We do not want to wait till the week before opening day to get ready for the season!

Think I just made this up? You're onto something...but here's my local PGA professional to set the record straight.

“I know how it usually goes, we wrap up the golf season in early October and put the clubs away throughout the winter.  Spring rolls around and the weather starts to make you feel like you should be outside again!   You dust off the clubs and it’s an absolute trainwreck when you get out on the course… you can’t remember anything you were working on last year or keys that helped you improve.  It feels like you are back to square one…that’s because you are!  With the emergence of indoor facilities like TopGolf, 5 Iron Golf, Game of Irons and X Golf along with indoor facilities at your own country club, it’s truly become a year-round sport.  You don’t have to go every week or even take it too seriously, but I can’t tell you enough how important it is to have a golf club in your hands at least once a month throughout the offseason.  Just that feeling of having the club in your hands reminds your body of what it’s like to make a swing.  Get some friends together, go out on a date night with your significant other, have a few drinks and go to one of these facilities so you don’t lose track of your game.  Don’t be one of those people that has to dust off your clubs when Spring time comes, they should be warmed up and ready to go!”


Carson Solien – Oak Park Country Club – Head Golf Professional

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