Win Your Better Ball Match Before Stepping on The Course

Golf Is A Game of Confidence by Bob Rotella

Anyone who has spent a minute on the course has been told in the second half of that time that it's a mental game.  Golf, won or lost, played out in the space between the ears.  I like to remember this as I'm duffing off the tee or shanking to the opposite fairway.

In my experience, one really great way to screw up a perfectly lovely round of golf is to make it a match.  Really come out there and say, "with this time I'm going to play well".  I'm a newish enough golfer to really unravel with added stress of match play, end of gimmes, and overall marking on cards and checking each other's marks.

But as a recovering wedding dress designer, I get the importance of planning not just what you are going to do one day....but also what you're going to wear. Clothing can be our armour.  The right ensemble brings comfort, even joy...and it's very personal.  

Luckily my better ball partner was totally down for a uniform!  Because, as it happens I just finished making all these floral golf dresses with matching shorties....and we both love to play tennis too so I made them a good in between length to rock them in both places.  

Better Ball Golf Match Partners in Matching Floral Golf Dresses and Golf Hats's how it went down.  I picked up my partner and she looked ADORABLE so I felt better about how I looked.  Whatever happens today, we are a TEAM and it's never so scary facing something as a team.  When we got to the course people commented how cute and oh are we dressed up for an event etc...and I started to feel like hey, I'm going to something fun and exciting.  All the serotonin right?!  I mean the juices are flowing.  And as that mood boosted, so did ball flights, the cups got bigger, wait that's a lie...but man it really felt like that.

We had won before we stepped on the course, sure it was for best dressed better ball partners, but it's kinda what mattered most.  When my partner sent one in a creek....she got in there and hit it out because we were enjoying golf and winning at believing we could.

Woman in Floral Golf Dress Hitting Golf Ball Out of Creek


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