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      Floral Vision, golf wear for women with feminine and vibrant games.

      5 products

      5 products

      Ellie Day

      We are working hard to stock these golf styles soon. Please join the waitlist here or navigate to a product and click - Join The Waitlist - for the desired item to be one of the first notified when it is back in stock. There is no commitment to buy, but we will be able to plan for your size and color.

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      Birdie Love has been intentional about our women's golf sizing from the beginning. We offer an expanded range of sizing from traditional. Please refer to the measurement charts. The fit is modern slim, more athletic, and curve-hugging, so please if between sizes we recommend going up. Throughout this year we will expand our range of sizes and lengths. Get ready...the tennis skirt length is coming.

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      Females belong on the golf course and need to feel accepted. Birdie Love is designed for women to feel confident and comfortable, but not wearing a uniform. We like to break rules and push boundaries, but also appreciate the charming visual tradition of the sport.

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      Women represent the future of this sport. With the future in mind, Birdie Love has been created differently than most of the women's golf apparel out there.

      We manufacture right here in the Humbolt Park area of Chicago, IL where jobs matter and people's livelihoods are important. The factory is female-owned and operated and we feel good about the products made there so you can also. The golf apparel we produce is intentionally created with recycled materials.

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