Hello! I’m Ellie and I’m thrilled to meet you.

What is the Birdie Love:

Birdie Love is a feminine golf clothing line created by a designer with a passion for golf.   The brand was developed to support the amazing women of this game with pieces of clothing that look and fit like modern apparel with the ability to function on the course.  Birdie Love is an inclusive brand that welcomes the next generation of players with an aesthetic that feels fresh, adding to the wardrobe of an active lifestyle wearer.   Birdie Love Club apparel is for fashion forward women on and off the course. 



Women's Golf Polo Shirts in a stack


Birdie Love Club is designed by Ellie Spoerer in her hometown Chicago, IL.  A former designer for Betsey Johnson she set out to create golf clothing that fit well and made getting ready for golf a pleasure.  The line will make its debut in 2021 and will consist of core golf pieces that work well in everyone’s wardrobe as well as fashion forward pieces designed to entice even the non-golfer with their comfort and practical features (hello pockets).  Each season will have a custom color palette that is more whimsical than the traditional navy or loud athletic colors that have dominated the course.  Expect a few novelty prints and some nostalgic vintage vibe to mix in for a truly irreverent take on golf.



Manufactured in Chicago, IL because someone working hard to sew clothing should be paid a living wage. We all know why shopping local is important, but it’s not just the end seller location we need to think about.  Yes, support local retailers, and manufacturing.  Items produced in North America do cost more than other areas...but it puts money directly back into our economy.

Less shipping, less waste, smaller orders...

It’s All Better for the Macro-Level Earth and Micro-Level Community.

Woman Golfing in Derby Women's Event
Woman Balancing Golf Club
Three Women on Golf Course with Club in Background
Foursome Women Golfers Labor Day Golf Event


Women represent the future of this sport. With the future in mind, Birdie Love has been created differently than most of the women's golf apparel out there.

We manufacture right here in the Humbolt Park area of Chicago, IL where jobs matter and people's livelihoods are important. The factory is female-owned and operated and we feel good about the products made there so you can also. The golf apparel we produce is intentionally created with recycled materials.